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What do you look for in an investment management firm? A comprehensive range of investment services? A committed team of investment, insurance and investment accounting professionals? The combination of talent and technology to help your firm to achieve its goals?

With client service a cornerstone of our business model, we take a partnership-like approach to complement your capabilities and help achieve your business objectives.

For fixed income portfolios, our strategy seeks to maximize risk adjusted returns — mindful of a designated risk level, and sensitive to your operating needs and income constraints.

Core Asset Management

Our goal is to provide competitive total rates of return over a market cycle, while generating stable and rising levels of net investment income. We’re proud of our track record of performance for our clients, on both an absolute and risk-adjusted basis. (Past performance is not indicative of future performance.)

For fixed income portfolios, we manage mandates in major currencies across multiple sectors, including:

  • Sovereigns / Quasi-Governments
  • Corporate Bonds / Covered Bonds
  • Agency and Non-Agency Mortgage-Backed Securities
  • Collateralized Mortgage Obligations
  • Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities
  • Asset Backed Securities
  • Municipal Bonds

Wide Range of Asset Management Experience

In addition to core fixed income, we manage mandates in a variety of asset classes such as:
  • Equities
  • TIPS (Treasury Inflation Protected Securities)
  • Preferred Stocks
  • Structured Securities
NEAM: Insurance focused asset management

Our Enterprise Capital Return and Risk Management® (ECRRM™) services provide the framework and key analytics to help achieve your financial goals by embracing:

  • Capital structure and allocation
  • Asset allocation
  • Product mix and design
  • Reinsurance structures
  • Acquisitions and divestitures

Built for the Insurance Industry

Our enterprise-based framework is designed to meet the differing needs of insurance companies. From globally diversified, multi-product publicly traded companies to U.S.-domiciled, mono-line mutual companies, our framework is built for the insurance industry and can be leveraged to analyze your unique balance sheets and investment portfolios.

Solutions can be developed in Statutory, GAAP and IFRS frameworks, reflecting the incidence of taxes as well as rating agency, regulatory and solvency related risk-based capital considerations. Through optimization, enterprise simulation and stress testing we can get a better picture of your specific investment needs.

Crafting Your Financial Goals

Using our proprietary Enterprise Based Asset Allocation™ (EBAA™) process, we tailor our asset allocation recommendations to align with your unique requirements. This process leads to your company’s recommended investment guidelines and investment performance benchmarks. These are based on prospective capital market returns and product margins, their volatilities, correlations, operating and financial leverage and client-specific business constraints and enterprise risk tolerances.


Insurance professionals need a portfolio that’s transparent, accessible and tailored to meet their unique investment goals.  NEAM’s Capital and Risk Analytics (CARA®) platform is an integrated suite of capital and risk analytic applications that allow us to assist our clients with the various investment challenges they face within the insurance industry. We employ insurance focused investment risk management tools in the day-to-day management of your portfolio.

CARA® Platform

What is the CARA® platform?  The CARA® platform is our proprietary suite of capital and risk management applications built to meet the unique asset management needs of insurance companies. Housed online, our internal team and clients alike use the CARA® platform to design, implement, manage and monitor the major components of a capital management and investment strategy. This level of access gives clients a wide range of information on their portfolio at their fingertips so they can stay informed at all times.

Leverage the Benefits Important to You

Tailored to the unique needs of an insurance company, the CARA® platform is comprehensive and includes a wide range of applications that are available to you, either directly or via your client team.

  • Fixed Income Risk Analytics
  • Enterprise Based Asset Allocation™, Simulation and Stress Testing
  • Tail Risk Management
  • Risk Analysis and Profiling, Scenario Analysis
  • Performance and Attribution
  • Surveillance and Monitoring Reports
  • Transaction Analysis
  • Portfolio Optimization Analysis
  • Rating Agency Reporting Support
  • Impairment/OTTI Analysis
  • Cash Flow and Investment Income Forecasting
  • Peer Analysis

The Combination of Talent and Technology

We leverage the CARA® platform to help define and meet your needs, never pushing a “one size fits all” strategy.  By combining the speed, accuracy and robustness of our CARA® platform with the seasoned judgment of experienced investment professionals, we are able to deliver a truly different client experience.

NEAM: Investment accounting and reporting services

Each investment accounting client works with a dedicated Investment Accountant to help with account specific and industry related questions. Playing an active role in the overall Client Service team, our Investment Accountants are knowledgeable about each client’s unique needs, enabling them to respond quickly to requests for most investment accounting and reporting information.


  • Investment accounting services for multiple asset-classes, including fixed assets, equities, bank loans, structured securities, partnerships, private equity and funds.
  • Investment accounting and reporting services for managed & unmanaged portfolios.
  • Full capabilities to account for foreign currencies, producing reports in the group currency.
  • Ability to translate your reports into any currency and use published FX rates or your preferred rates.

An Investment Accounting Team Dedicated to You

Your dedicated Investment Accounting Team facilitates easy access to the answers you need, when you need them. We fully reconcile holdings and transactions to trial balances to confirm reports agree to your general ledger prior to sending, allowing you more time for analysis. Pricing for managed assets is obtained from 3rd party sources, then subject to a rigorous review, resulting in a validated and transparently valued portfolio.


As part of our comprehensive offering in investment accounting services, we provide intuitive, detailed reports, available on managed and unmanaged portfolios, providing you with access to fully consolidated reporting.

  • Monthly, quarterly & annual investment accounting report packages on a STAT, GAAP, IFRS and Lloyd’s basis
  • Assistance with statutory reporting, including Schedule D & Securities Valuations Office (SVO) filings
  • Interest Maintenance Reserve/Asset Valuation Reserve reports for Life/Health insurers
  • Impairment/OTTI Analysis
  • Rating Agency Reporting Support
  • Custodial Bank Interface Capabilities and Reconciliation
  • Performance Measurement & Reporting
  • Ad hoc regulatory data calls

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