GR–NEAM Introduces Equity Yield Investment Strategy for Insurance Company Clients

Farmington, CT, May 7, 2012 . . . Mr. Jerry Lynch, Chairman and CEO of General Re–New England Asset Management, Inc. (GR–NEAM), an investment adviser that specializes in offering capital and investment management services primarily to the insurance industry, announced the launch of its Dividend Select Equity Strategy. The strategy is designed to enhance income through the purchase of high dividend yielding equity investments in stable, quality companies.

Bill Rotatori, President of GR–NEAM, commented, “As the low yield environment persists in the fixed income marketplace, we are pleased to be able to offer our insurance company clients an income enhancement strategy that combines stable, quality stocks with a high dividend yield, utilizing GR–NEAM's fundamentally driven investment discipline and controlled risk framework."

The strategy is managed by the equity group of GR–NEAM. John Gilbert, CIO, said, “The market continues to stretch for yield where a perceived opportunity may exist. However, in this rush for yield and income, some investors underestimate risk and volatility. Through GR–NEAM's focus on top U.S. capitalized and select international stocks, we believe our unique approach to equity value investing provides an alternative method to obtain income through an enhanced equity yield strategy. This approach should moderate portfolio volatility through yield by investing in companies with stable earnings profiles and a historic and sustainable dividend payout."

GR–NEAM has generated a long-term track record of managing equity portfolios for institutions and high net worth individuals. Our extensive knowledge of managing insurance company assets provides important insight on unique conditions concerning tax, regulatory and overall asset allocation strategy at the enterprise level.

To learn more about GR–NEAM or the Dividend Select Equity Strategy, please contact GR–NEAM’s New Business Development Group at 860 676 8722 or

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GR–NEAM is an SEC-registered investment adviser that specializes in offering capital and investment management services primarily to the insurance industry. GR–NEAM is a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Re Corporation. General Re Corporation, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., is a holding company for global reinsurance and related operations that operate under the brand name of Gen Re.

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